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Welcome to our financial advice blog. This part of our website is packed with information for you, your family and your business. We share jargon free tips regularly here on our blog and on social media.

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Have you ever wondered what a pension is? Do you understand life cover and insurance? Are you a small business owner who does not have cover in place for your family? Do you know what income protection is? These are all topics that I explain in our financial advice blog. I use plain english to describe complex topics so that you can understand the best protection for you. I am Dylan Lynch and I am your financial planner.

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Building your Financial Protection Portfolio

Building your Financial Protection Portfolio

Building Your Protection Portfolio Protection and insurance are aspects of Financial Planning, which people can find uninteresting, confusing, and expensive. Protection planning does not come across as attractive in comparison to, investing and pension funding, to...

Forward thinking Financial & Estate Planning

Forward thinking Financial & Estate Planning

Introduction - The many purposes for Life Insurance Life Insurance/ Life Cover can be taken out for various reasons and to protect against and plan for a variety of scenarios, as a result of the death of the life assured. Often people are unaware of the value of Life...

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